Rising up against ovarian cancer
2020 September BEAT cards
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September is
National Ovarian Cancer
Awareness Month
Women without Ovaries
FACT: Women without ovaries can still develop ovarian cancer
Pap Test
FACT: A pap test does not screen for ovarian cancer
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is power in the fight against ovarian cancer
Sisters share a lot of things
Sisters share a lot of things. . . breast and ovarian cancer should never be any of them
What you don’t know about ovarian cancer can kill you.
NormaLeah Initiative is taking the silence out of ovarian cancer. Join the conversation.
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Are you at high risk or do you have symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Knowledge may just be your strongest weapon.

There are no screening tests or widely-used early detection tests for ovarian cancer. With 30 different types of ovarian cancer, it is challenging to detect and difficult to treat. By arming yourself with knowledge of the symptoms, assessing your personal risk, and seeking the proper medical attention, you can have a positive impact on surviving this deadly disease.

Do you have ovarian cancer symptoms? Are you at high risk?
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Survivor Resources

We are in the business of creating more survivors and enriching survivorship of ovarian cancer patients. NormaLeah can provide you with resources and connect you with others who have overcome this disease so you can share and learn.

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Community Initiatives

Do you want to create awareness but don’t know how? Our community initiatives are easy and innovative. Whether it’s participating in a health fair, speaking to groups, or hosting a fundraiser, we provide all the materials and support you need!

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For Medical Providers

By collaborating with front-line medical providers we’re opening a dialogue aimed at reducing incidence and mortality rates. Our RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project shares the newest life-saving information and awards CME/CEU credits, too.

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Help us save lives by distributing symptom cards to your family and friends. We also provide “easel packs” that you can take to your beauty salon, doctor’s office and other stores and businesses you frequent.

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Rise up against ovarian cancer with us.



The Sisterhood of the Teal Tiaras is our volunteer force and is vitally important to our mission. It's a great outlet for survivors and/or loved ones who have lost a sister, daughter, wife, mother or friend to ovarian cancer.


Make a Donation

If you are unable to volunteer your time with the Sisterhood of the Teal Tiaras, we very graciously accept cash or check donations to help us rise up against ovarian cancer. Or, we can help you plan a fundraiser. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Shop Teal

Shop Teal

Shop@NormaLeah features exclusive items with our butterfly logo and Bling4Cancer . . . unique (and fashionable) cancer jewelry in 20 sparkling colors to honor all types of cancers and medical conditions. All proceeds support ovarian cancer awareness and education.

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