Rising up against ovarian cancer

You can make a difference in a patient’s survival with an early diagnosis - before the disease has progressed

Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in advanced stages. Almost 75% of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed in stages III and IV when the survival rate beyond five years is less than 50%. When diagnosed in early stages, there is a 92% chance for a cure.

doctor-examining-patient-using-stethoscope_1684477.jpgWith subtle symptoms that mimic many common conditions, ovarian cancer challenges medical professionals who desire an accurate and early diagnosis for their patients.

Most women were never taught the symptoms and risks associated with this disease and often ignore them or brush them off until it is too late.

It’s important to consider ovarian cancer in the differential diagnosis when testing for less life-threatening conditions such as IBS, UTIs and other gynecologic issues like menopause or ovarian cysts. Our RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project provides medical professionals with the tools that help identify high risk and symptomatic patients so you can order the proper diagnostic tests and discuss risk reduction strategies.



There are 30 types of ovarian cancer, each with its own histological characteristics. An early and accurate diagnosis followed by a referral to a gynecologic specialist is the best way to partner with your patients for the best outcome.  Treatment is very challenging and medical studies have shown significant survival advantages for patients under the care of a gynecologic oncologist. 

NormaLeah’s RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project is a life-saving collaboration with the medical community to diagnose patients earlier when they are symptomatic or at high risk. It’s a cutting-edge program that shares the newest diagnostic techniques and latest recommendations for risk reduction.

RULE OUT! awards continuing education credits to all medical providers . . . doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses -- even allied personnel. It’s a powerful multimedia presentation hosted by a local medical provider. A Quick Reference Guide and access to NormaLeah's patient materials including a Pre-Screen Questionnaire accompany each session.

This program is currently in a pilot phase and we are hopeful to expand its availability in 2018 with adequate funding.



Ask questions, listen to your patients, assess their risk with our Ovarian Cancer Pre-Screen Questionnaire

These pre-screen questionnaires are a great way to open a dialogue about ovarian cancer with your patients. It helps you identify those who may be symptomatic or at higher risk so that you can partner with your patients for a better outcome. We would love to send some to your office.


RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project is a collaboration with medical professionals that's opening a dialogue with patients about ovarian cancer's symptoms, risk factors, risk reduction strategies and best practices for testing and treatment.

RULE OUT! awards CME/CEU certificates for physicians, physician assistants, all nurses and some allied personnel.


  • Ovarian cancer has no screening test

  • There are no widely-used detection tests

  • There is no way to prevent ovarian cancer

  • All women are at risk, even those without ovaries

There are tests for women who are symptomatic or at  high risk

Referral to a gynecologic oncologist specialist will give your patient the best outcome


Additional Educational Materials

BEAT the BIG O Campaign: Help us empower your patients for earlier diagnoses.

Our FREE symptom cards are an easy way to share vital, life-saving information to women visiting your medical facility. These mirror-mountable cards come with easels to sit on a counter or table taking up less space than a traditional brochure.


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