Rising up against ovarian cancer

Be a Renegade volunteer. Help us rise up against ovarian cancer!

Sisterhood of the Teal Tiaras is our volunteer force that provides an outlet for survivors and those affected by the diagnosis or loss of a sister, daughter, mother, aunt, wife or friend to ovarian cancer. Our teal warriors are vitally important to our mission – spreading awareness, assisting with our programs and representing us at many community activities. Membership is free and anyone can join . . . even men!


Help us spread awareness through social media.

Here are three great ways to amplify the conversation.
  1. Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Share our graphics. We are always creating unique messages that can be shared easily. We’ve even put some of them on t-shirts. Feel free to share any of these graphics on any social media platform.
  3. ​Share our videos(Coming Soon!)

Start a support group in your community


Connecting with local women who have experienced ovarian cancer is very important. If you are living with the disease, this can seem like a daunting task.

We can help you get started!

Community Initiatives

NormaLeah has several educational programs that are easy to implement at the local level.
Arsenal Fair

BEAT the BIG O Campaign

Through our BEAT the BIG O Campaign, you can give BEAT symptom cards to friends or distribute them at health fairs, medical facilities and other businesses that cater to women. NormaLeah provides you with FREE awareness materials. A starter kit includes 150 BEAT symptom cards, 50 BRCA bookmarks and 25 brochures. 


Sisterly Advice to BEAT Ovarian Cancer

Sisterly AdviceOur Sisterly Advice to BEAT Ovarian Cancer session is an entertaining yet thought-provoking program that empowers women (and those who love them) to recognize the subtle symptoms, assess their personal risk and seek proper medical attention for the best outcome. This PowerPoint presentation can be tailored to your situation and audience. It’s the information Norma and Leah would share if they could.


RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project

Help us collaborate with the medical community on the RULE OUT! Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project so that this disease can be diagnosed at an earlier stage. It’s a great way to share the latest advancements in diagnostic testing and standard of care practices for the best outcome. They earn CME and CEU credits too.


Host a fundraiser

Survivors, their friends and family in any town can make a difference in a patient's life by organizing a fundraiser to support our programs. They also create additional awareness in your community.

It's easy to host a fundraiser! Choose an event that’s fun and engaging: Some examples of events that have raised awareness and funds for NormaLeah include yoga and fitness classes, teal hair streaks, Bash & BEAT cars, swim-a-thons and a plethora of other creative ideas. We can provide strategic and logistic support for whatever type of event you dream up.  Send us an email and we’ll help you get started.